Mantle is the awesome cape system which works with your favorite clients


Exclusive & High Quality

We work with the best designers, and have a selective process with who we allow to provide capes on our system. So the quality, rarity, and sanctity of capes remains high!

Ultimate Compatibility

Our capes work on all clients, such as Badlion, Lunar, Forge, Optifine. All Minecraft versions. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux! And will not lag your game or get you banned in any way!

Custom Capes

Do you want the opportunity to design your own cape which is completely unique and have other people see it in game? This is your lucky day! As long as someone has run Mantle Viewer they will see it.

Setting up Mantle

Run Mantle Loader

Running this program connects you to the Mantle cape system, anyone who has run Mantle Loader can see your cape, or anyone who is using a Mantle compatible desktop app.


Create an account

In the account creation process you will link your Minecraft account, and pick out your first cape. Then anyone who is on the Mantle System can see, regardless of what client they are on!