Setting up Mantle is easy, just follow these steps

Mantle is free, safe and easy to download. Simply pick your operating system below and begin the download. Don’t worry about which Minecraft version you use, Mantle works on all of them.

Setup: Step OneSign in using your Google account

With a single click you can sign into your Mantle account on any device or browser. Make sure to have access to the mail you are using, as you will receive notifications and other information via that.

Sign in using your Google account

Setup: Step TwoConnect your Minecraft Account

Connect to our Minecraft server via and verify your account. One click will complete the verification and works for every client and version of Minecraft.

Connect your Minecraft Account

Setup: Step ThreeDownload the Mantle loader

If you haven’t already, then download the Mantle Loader. We support all major operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. Download is easy, fast and secure. Make sure to click “load” after downloading the Mantle Loader.

Download the Mantle loader