About MantleMantle allows users to wear custom capes in minecraft

Ultimate Compatibility

Mantle works on every client, operating system and Minecraft version. Don’t worry about using multiple clients or different versions of Minecraft. Mantle is with you everywhere!

Exclusive & High Quality

We work with the best designers and have a selective process with who we allow to provide capes on our system. So, the quality, rarity, and sanctity of capes remains high!

Custom Made Minecraft Capes

Your capes, your ownership. Mantle is working on how making limited cape editions and other future items available using NFT technology. You should be the sole owner of your digital items.

Cape DesignersWe Split sales with our cape designers. interested?

Designers are integral to Mantle, without them we could not bring you a constant stream of beautiful and awesome looking capes. So we treat our designers right, Mantle Designers get paid a percentage of sales on the capes they have created!